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Temporary Exhibitions

Temporary Exhibitions: 1 May 2021 — 19 September 2021

Exhibit design. On the visibility of the Ulm School of Design: From Ulm to Montréal

Since April 2017, the project “Design Exhibiting. The Visibility of the Ulm School of Desig: From Ulm to Montreal”, which is being carried out jointly by the institutions HfG Archive Ulm, Folkwang University of the Arts Essen and Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences. During the last three years, workshops and an international conference have been organized and publications have been produced. Now the research project funded by the Volkswagen Foundation is entering its final round.

The project team is currently working on an exhibition for next spring, which will provide a new perspective on the design school and its visibility in the (inter)national context. The exhibition will focus on the dissertations of Christopher Haaf and Linus Rapp, which deal with the self-image of the HfG Ulm, its visibility in the context of design history and its national and international networks. In particular, the numerous school and commissioned exhibitions which the HfG conceived between 1955 and 1967 and which contributed to the worldwide significance of the university’s design and teaching concepts will be examined.

The exhibition is expected to be on view in the HfG Archive Ulm from April 2021. The exhibition is curated by Viktoria Lea Heinrich, staff member at the HfG-Archive, together with Christopher Haaf and Linus Rapp.

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