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Not my Thing – Gender in Design

Publication for the exhibition at the HfG-Archiv Ulm (2019)
published by the HfG-Archiv / Museum Ulm, Katharina Kurz and Pia Jerger
printed March 2020, avedition, Stuttgart
design: Fabian Karrer
with contributions from Olivia Daigneault Deschênes, Axel Städter, Susanne Umscheid and Christiane Wachsmann
212 pages, German/English

A bench for breastfeeding in public, a hijab for high performance sport, a prostate-relief bicycle seat, a swanky puffer and a smoky femme fatale, boys prefer blue and girls love pink? What does gender have to do with design? And what is design »for all«? In a search for answers to these questions, this book comprises positions on gender in design from various realms of the everyday: public space, play and education, medicine and health, cosmetics and gender marketing, and household and living. The juxtaposition of contemporary and historical design positions together with critical, playful, innovative and provocative solutions from applied design research and the results of comprehensive collaborations provide insights into a multifaceted topic.

The exhibition “Not my Thing – Gender in Design” (duration: 15 February to 19 May, 2019) met with great interest from visitors and an expert audience. This comprehensive catalogue documents and reflects the Ulm exhibition and its participatory subprojects. It includes investigations of the design profession and education in the context of the Ulm School of Design in the 1950s and 1960s as well as the perspectives and experiences of the participants in a product design course (Aicher-Scholl-Kolleg), a school project week (Realschule Dornstadt), the Designer in Residence programm (HfG-Archiv), and the photography exhibition »Gender – Space – Architecture« (PUTTE).

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