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The Collections

When the city of Ulm opened the HfG Archive in 1989, the intention was to build up a collection that documented in detail the innovations generated by the HfG in design and environmental design. In 1987 the members of “club off ulm e.v.” called for the creation of the archive to be funded by loans and gifts. In the same year the Geschwister-Scholl-Stiftung, now a foundation called the HfG-Stiftung, gave all its material on the school as a permanent loan to the city of Ulm. The collection was further enlarged by loans and donations.The archive currently consists of roughly 6,500 graphic works, 350 models, 30,000 documents, 11,000 photographs, and last but not least, the former HfG library containing 6,000 volumes. A second focal point of the collection is formed by bequestsfrom former lecturers Otl Aicher, Tomás Gonda, and Walter Zeischegg. The collection is being continually expanded by the addition of new material from exhibitions or former members of the school.