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The bequest of Walter Zeischegg

The bequest of Walter Zeischegg

The sculptor Walter Zeischegg (1917–83) came to Ulm in 1951 to assist in the setting up of the design school. He became a lecturer in the Industrial Design Department. With the exception of Otl Aicher, he was the only lecturer to teach and work at the school from beginning to end. After the closure of the HfG in 1968 he opened his own design studio in Ulm.

His complete artistic bequest came to the HfG Archive in 1991. The collection comprises approximately 3,000 objects and models, around 22,600 graphic works, 6,800 photos, negatives, contact prints, and slides, 120 books, as well as a large archive of files containing correspondence, work documentation, handwritten notes, manuscripts, and sketches.