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Our inventories are the key to our collections. In there, you find detailed information in order to get an overview on the material and for the preparation of your research at the archive.

Introduction, Overview, Classification

F 01 Collection of Files (Ulm School of Design and Geschwister-Scholl-Stiftung)

F 05 The Library of the Ulm School of Design

F 06 Diplomas of the HfG Ulm

F 08 Walter Zeischegg Bequest

F 09 Otl Aicher Bequest

F 10 Tomás Gonda Bequest

F 11 Gert Kalow Bequest

F 13 Hartmut Seeling Collection


In Preparation:

F 02 Collection of Photographs and Slides

F 03 Objects, Graphics and Exhibition Panels

F 04 Collection of Newspaper Articles

F 12 William Huff Collection


These lists give you an overview of lessons, students and teachers and publications of the Ulm School of Design.

L 03 Magazines («ulm» and «output»)

In Preparation:

L 01 Studenten und Dozenten

L 02 Unterrichtsveranstaltungen