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«a new attitude to life»

(studio null «let’s start,» typescript from June 16, 1948)

The first classes started in 1953 in provisional rooms at the vh Ulm. Josef Albers, Walter Peterhans, Johannes Itten, and Helene Nonné-Schmidt taught the first 21 students. At the same time construction started on the Oberer Kuhberg complex following Max Bill’s plans. The official inauguration took place in 1955. Students and lecturers from all over the world lived and worked on the campus.
Max Bill’s room plan design reflects the teaching philosophy behind the Ulm School. Practical design work lay at the heart of the HfG curriculum, and this is reflected in the size of the workshops. Relevant theoretical content from a range of disciplines was taught as a complement to the practical element. The integration of life and work was a feature of the Ulm lifestyle. This allowed a «dense» study atmosphere to develop, which was a crucial precondition for the debate on design and social questions.