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«an aerial picture. like a model of a town. at the front black forest scenery in front of a white building, cubic, flat. crystals with windows, many windows, as if a right angle has been fitted into a slope in a set of building blocks. behind that in the haze, untidy, gray in gray, the tangled city. over it, like a shadow on the shining ribbon of the Danube, the mass of the cathedral, far away, disappearing. transient. the past is behind us. ahead, white, the blocks of the future. a glorious castle of the future.»

«…and there is no one sight the same as another. walking round the school is to set it in motion. there is no point where a central façade could be built, from every point around the school the dimensions seem to be structured differently, but the final picture always appears to be complete. nowhere is there a concentration of volume and nowhere is a center recognizable. with the exception of the four-story inhabitable tower no building exceeds two stories. they climb the slope. the dominating impression: gracefulness, movement, ambiguity…»

(Bernd Rübenach: der rechte winkel von ulm (the right angle of ulm). Radio essay 1959. Darmstadt 1987.)