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Permanent loans and donations

Permanent loans

In September 1987 «club off ulm e.v.» appealed to its members, former HfG lecturers, staff, and students, and the people of the city of Ulm to support the development of a HfG Collection by supplying archived material of all kinds. The permanent loans which resulted from this initiative enlarged and enriched the archive’s original inventory. Numerous people formerly connected to the HfG, the Ulm Institute for Film Design, or the Ulm Adult Education Center (the Volkshochschule or «vh») currently have permanent loans in the HfG Archive. The ongoing expansion of the collections is one of the institution’s most important tasks. Materials can either be loaned on a permanent basis or donated.

Permanent loans and donations

Permanent loans from former HfG members

Former students and lecturers have made approximately 130 contributions of varying size to the HfG Archive. These comprise models, graphic works, photographs, slides, and papers.

Alphabetical list of lenders in the HfG Archive

GL– only Foundation Course, no information about department | PG– Industrial Design | VK– Visual Communication | B– Building | I– Information | F– Film —› more

Permanent loans and donations

Institute for Film Design

The Film Department at the HfG was set up in 1961. It is acknowledged to be one of the earliest theoretical and practical film schools in West Germany. Initially its main concern was to implement the Oberhausen Manifesto, however the department soon became an intellectual center of New German Film. The training program was heavily influenced by Alexander Kluge and Edgar Reitz. When the HfG closed, the department continued as the Institute for Film Design. The focus shifted away from film production to legal issues in movie and television production. Since 1995 the institute has devoted itself to developments in new media.

There are approximately 150 videotapes in the HfG Archive on permanent loan from the Institute for Film Design. The films were made between 1962 and 1970. The original film reels are stored along with audio material in the Documentary Film Centre, Stuttgart.

Permanent loans and donations

Posters of the Volkshochschule Ulm

700 posters for the Ulm Adult Education Center, designed by Otl Aicher between 1948 and 1968, have been part of the HfG Archive since 1996. Most of these are also included in the estate of Otl Aicher and are accessible via a database.

Permanent loans and donations

William S. Huff Convolute

William S. Huff came to the Ulm School of Design in October 1956 on a Fulbright Scholarship and completed basic teaching under Tomás Maldonado. Beginning in 1960, he developed a Basic Design course at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh based on Tomás Maldonado’s teaching model. He worked with this program at numerous universities, including the HfG, to which he returned repeatedly as a guest lecturer from 1963 to 1968.

William S. Huff left the results of this study work, which he had collected, to the HfG archive and thus made them available for research.

Permanent Loans and Donations

Gert Kalow Convolute

The publicist Gert Kalow taught at the Ulm School of Design from 1957 to 1964 – initially as a guest lecturer. Lateron he became permanent lecturer and took over as head of the Information Department. From June 1960 to November 1961, he also was the school’s rector.

In 2004, Kalows widow gave her late husband’s documents relating to the HfG to the HfG Archives. It is thanks to the support of the Stiftung Kulturgut Baden-Württemberg that they could be listed and processed. In addition to drafts and notes for classes, this bundle contained numerous documents from Kalow’s time as rector, including many protocols.

Permanent loans and donations

Sigrid von Schweinitz Convolute

In 1954 Sigrid Maldonado, née von Schweinitz, came to the HfG Ulm with her husband Tomás Maldonado. Originally planned as a visit to the new school and Max Bill, the two stayed in Ulm for several years. While her husband initially took over the basic course lessons, Sigrid von Schweinitz proved to be a talented photographer.

She documented the construction of the school building and social life during this period and took photographs for the exhibition “spiel gut” (“play well”) conceived by Otl Aicher, which was shown in the Ulm Museum in 1955, and the accompanying catalog.

She gave the material from this period to the HfG archive in the 1990s.

Permanent Loans and donations


The continual process of enlarging and enriching the HfG Archive collection is aided by donations. Material received ranges from individual graphic works, journals, correspondence, lecture notes, models, right up to slide collections and complete Foundation Course and diploma projects.

We would like to thank the following for donations:

Inge Aicher-Scholl, Archive of the Akademie der Künste Berlin, Heinrich Bachmann, Uwe Bathke, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, Elisabeth Bense, Rolf Berner, Margrit Brandel, Eric Brenzinger, Ulrich Burandt, Peter Cornelius, Gerhard Curdes, Susanne Curdes, Frauke Decurtins, Horst Diener, Hans Dobrinski, Frieder und Ursula Eychmüller, Jürgen Freuer, Georg Furler, Roland Fürst, Jan Gauguin, Peter Gautel, Peter Goeggel, Robert Graeff, Max Graf, Pierre Grosjean, Andrea Hanslovsky, Willi Herold, Frank Hess, Conrad Hildebrandt, Peter Hofmeister, William S. Huff, Heiner Jacob, Heiner Jaehnert, Herbert Kapitzki, Walter Kiehlneker, Michael Klar, Hanna Laura Klar-Waller, Margarete Kögler, Peter von Kornatzki, Eberhard Köster, Klaus Krippendorff, Immo Krumrey, Norbert Kurtz, Landesgewerbeamt Stuttgart, Herbert Lindinger, Roland Lindner, Literaturarchiv Marbach, Herbert Maeser, Siegfried Maeser, Manz, Jeanine Meerapfel, Bertus Mulder, Monika Mulder Buch, Eckart Neumeister, Herbert Oesterreich, Andries van Onck, Liselotte Pée, Marcela Quijano, Nick Roericht, Johanna Rösner, Bernd Rübenach, Walter Schaer, Walter Schautz, Ernst Scheidegger, Agnes Schlensag, Günter Schlensag, Dirk Schmauser, Helmut Schmitt-Siegel, Claude Schnaidt, Hartmut Seeling, Erich Speidel, Margret Staber, Stadtarchiv Ulm, Anton Stankowski, Fritz Stuber, Kohei Sugiura, Egon Tempel, Oscar Thehos, Heinz Waeger, Eberhard Wahl, Reinhold Weiss, Herbert Wiegandt, Alexandre Wollner, Winfried Wurm, Shizuko Yoshikawa, Willi Zeilmeier.


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