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Welcome to the HfG-Archiv Ulm

The HfG-Archiv Ulm pursues the goal of documenting the history of the Ulm School of Design as comprehensively as possible. In its dual function as a museum and archive, it has the task of making the contents and significance of the university accessible to a broad public. This is done through exhibitions, publications and events.

Visit our permanent and special exhibitions and learn more about the eventful history of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm, which wrote design history worldwide between 1953 and 1968.

The HfG-Archiv collection has photographs, graphics and written documents, deposits and donations from former HfG members, as well as the estates of Otl Aicher, Tomás Gonda and Walter Zeischegg. Materials that originated at the HfG or had close contact with it thus return to their place of origin. The archive is open for research.

The HfG Archive was founded in 1987 on the initiative of former HfG members by the city of Ulm and is now part of the Museum Ulm.


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